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Free MP3 Releases

Severed Digit Recordings originally started as a free MP3 and CD-R label way back in 2000.
You can find current free mp3 releases here and releases going back 15 + years.
Want to do a release of your own on SDR? Drop us a line here.

ID Artist Album
SDR052 PBF Too Big to Flail
SDR051 Lodestar Supernumerary Rope EP
SDR050 Chad2wycked Carl's Tower
SDR049 RiDylan Disabled Decibels
SDR048 NECROdog Lady Gabba
SDR047 NECROdog Tough Shit EP
SDR046 NECROdog Chronoclasm EP
SDR045 Brainslushie Natural Selection EP
SDR044 PBF The Ostrich EP
SDR043 Symmetrical Gobhole Girl Goat EP
SDR042 Octo Plus Tic Cipher Zero
SDR041 Mindkontrolultra Kill the Mall
SDR039 Italian Husbands A Thin Pane Of Glass
SDR038 Lodestar Supernumerary The Price Is Wrong EP
SDR037 PBF Best of 2005-2010
SDR036 RiDylan Hoodz Tweekings
SDR035 Asphyxia X Time Of Terror EP
SDR034 DBLTH1NK Control EP
SDR033 Hecubus Mathblaster
SDR032 Various D-Trash Underground Series
SDR031 Mindkontrolultra Just Say No
SDR030 Zara Eclipse The Past
SDR029 Praytor Digilogue Sleeper
SDR028 Y2lhen You Leave Me Empty Like A Dead Pixel
SDR027 Twice19 Cambridge And Everyone In It Can Go Fuck Themselves With An Iron Stick
SDR026 Y2lhen Setphasers!
SDR025 Holzkopf A Circle Is A Natural Shape
SDR024 Monsta Noodle Bedtime For Sandman
SDR023 KNAR Best of 95-98
SDR022 PBF C_Sides
SDR021 Ehafh Anything About Nothing In Particular As Percieved At Random
SDR020 Producer Snafu The Sigh Wonder
SDR019 Holzkopf Sun(m)-Gum(n) Kick Under The Table With Epilepsy
SDR018 Producer Snafu Cutecore
SDR017 Zara That's Uncalled 4
SDR016 Chromer Keep it Street
SDR015 Nitrix Godamn The Man
SDR014 Zara The Darkened EP
SDR013 Celebrity Dead The Age Of Optomism
SDR012 Zara Vs Brandy Zara Vs Brandy
SDR011 Deathbomb Kingdom Of Fear
SDR010 Holzkopf Popecock
SDR009 Echodolo The Drugged Out Dolphin
SDR008 Violenta Ligyro
SDR007 Inopsy Invoidnull
SDR006 Various Artists Reset,Remix
SDR005 PBF Reset
SDR004 Nitrix White Pony Of Destruction
SDR003 Knar Rock My Dissfunktion
SDR002 Nitrix My Mind Says OK
SDR001 Various Artists The Plains Are Abused

SDR News

  • Nov 24, 2018

    Hitori Tori & RiDylan Interview

    RiDylan & Hitori Tori join Brady Marks on Soundscape Radio to discuss the history of Braindance and IDM as well as listen to some great tunes. Listen here.

  • July 24, 2018

    New Severed Digit Recordings Compilation - Never Severed - OUT NOW!!!

    OUT NOW!!! Available for streaming and download — back with a brand new compilation featuring SDR regulars. Listen here.

  • June 6, 2018

    New Free MP3 Release by PBF

    A new 5 track breakcore EP by PBF. Hard hitting kicks and splatter breaks. Get some here!

  • February 1, 2018

    New Software by PBF

    SDR is proud to announce our first bit of software for release. It's a Renoise GURU script for controlling the Novation Bass Station II synthesizer. Check it out here for more info.

  • February 1, 2018

    WE'RE BACK!! – New Website Design

    SDR is back and we have a brand new mobile friendly website with fancy new audio players. You will be able to purchase CDs and merch directly through our site. Check back for new releases as well as software, samples and interesting new features for our website.

  • February 1, 2018

    New Severed Digit Compilation - Never Severed - COMING SOON!

    SDR will be putting out a new compilation feature returning artists and new bloods to kick off the return of SDR in 2018. Want to contribute a track. Contact us here.

  • December 18, 2017

    Renoise Mutant Breaks 10

    SDR's own PBF received 2nd place for his track in the Renoise Mutant Breaks 10 competition. Listen to the tracks here and also check out the video of winner selections.

  • May 19, 2016

    MP3 Compilation Featuring SDR Artists

    An MP3 compilation featuring RiDylan, PBF and Hitori Tori released by Montreal based PowerBeats Music.


Novation Bass Station II

Renoise Guru Synth Definition


A synth definition developed for the Renoise Guru tool using LUA. Allows you to control your Novation Bass Station II hardware synth using Renoise and MIDI. Patch saving and randomization included.

More info: Renoise, Guru


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